5 most beautiful places in Lviv for photo shoots

Photogenic places where the best photo out

For many years, Lions heads the list of the most ancient and unusual, elegant and magical Ukrainian cities. Many appreciate its architecture and style, unusual structures. At the same time, tourists not only visit interesting places, but also photographed. To make successful pictures in Lviv, you need to know where these places are interesting.

City HallРатуша во Львове

It is not only the building, the seat of the city council of Lviv, but also a popular spot for taking pictures of tourists. The most interesting pictures are those who rises to the top construction. From there, one can see almost the entire city, you can take photos in panorama of Lviv. But you need to walk a few hundred steps. For those to whom this rise seems complicated, you can look for alternative places to take pictures.
The Town Hall is located in the middle of Market Square, the railway station and can be reached by tram. To find the door that leads to the roof of the building, looking for signs and indicators.

Italian Courtyard

Итальянский дворец ЛьвовAbove it worked really professional masters from Italy, where the construction took place about 500 years ago. This courtyard is a complex of several floors, columns and statues in the Italian style. Login is possible through the main entrance to the Historical Museum, at Market Square, 6. Feel the atmosphere of medieval Italy, appreciate the quality of the masters, look at the centuries-old architecture.
In addition, the Italian patio is often used for photo shoots. Although he was for many years, it is well preserved and almost daily receives visitors.

Potocki Palace

Дворец Потоцких во ЛьвовеA popular place where you can not only take pictures but also visit various interesting city events. Built in the XIX century Frenchman. The style of the building corresponds to the fashion of the French architecture of the period. In the complex there is a lot of sculptures and statues. Also, you can work around the building from the back side to make more interesting shots.
Potocki Palace is close to the monument of Adam Mickiewicz, the street Copernicus, 15. Inside a gallery of paintings.

The House of Scientists

Дом ученых во ЛьвовеThe building was built over 100 years ago as a casino, and only later got its current name and purpose. Above it worked Viennese architects who have built several buildings in his hometown. Feel the atmosphere of European balls and secular parties, vote graceful structures made of wood, carpets and stained glass windows. House of Scientists is located on the street Lystopadovoho Chin, 6.


High Castle

Високий замок во ЛьвовеThe highest point of the city. To reach the top you have to walk down a long serpentine. But when you go out to the observation deck, you can see the whole city and its surroundings. From there you can watch the Lviv and make a lot of interesting photos. To get to the High Castle, it is better to come to the Powder Tower in the street Basement, 4, and then use a map or advice passersby.

All these tourist facilities are located in the central part of the city, access to a low-cost or even free of charge. Settled in the center of Lviv, you can easily visit all the popular places to make interesting pictures and just relax. Removable flat gives you a comfortable environment to get around the city, relax and sleep.
Here we describe only some of the objects of the city that are often visited by tourists. Do not forget that you can find dozens, if not hundreds of interesting places.

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