10 places to visit in Lviv

What places to visit in Lviv

More and more tourists every year come in the glorious city of Lviv to feel its unique atmosphere. Guests of the city attracts a lot of monuments, charming Lviv coffee, cozy parks, or just the spirit of the old streets of Lviv. Enumerating Attractions Lviv, just do not have enough fingers of both hands, so among them we mention something that really worth seeing.

Bandinelli Palace

In the heart of the city, on an area, you will meet one of the business cards of Lviv – a refined palace. The owner of the house in 1629 was a Florentine merchant. There he organized the first post of the classic European model. While Lviv able to send and receive letters from all over Europe! However, you can only do on Saturday. Pleasure was not cheap. Imagine the cost of sending 6 grams correspond to Gdansk was equivalent to the daily plate of artisan.

High Castle

It is believed that anyone who comes to the city for the first time, must visit here. Although from the castle remained only ruins, from the lookout on the hill offers an incredible view of the city. On the way here you will fall quiet and cozy streets, and park on the slopes of the mountain itself.

Yard lost toys

Famous Lions courtyard and lost toys. When you get to the courtyard, going back as childhood. Everywhere is well placed in the old sideboards soft little creatures, gnomes, dolls, toy cars, rattles, swings and many, many things. This bizarre collection contains one of the residents of this home for their grandchildren. And now it became one of the tourist destinations. Find this amazing patio can be reached at Prince Leo, 3.

Lviv gingerbread workshop

What Lions without sweets, you ask? Lviv gingerbread workshop “Yurashko” can make your tour memorable! This bakery adheres to the old traditions of Lviv. The kids, and adults, once there, are like a fairy tale. The head is spinning from a variety of different cakes and paints. But most of all the impressions you get if you own razrisuete Gingerbread and will bring these gifts to friends. Or posmakuete them with this herbal tea and fragrant Lviv coffee in the same cozy studio.

Brewery Museum

Three hundred history of brewing in Lviv, without a doubt, make Lviv beer capital of Ukraine. 300 years ago, Jesuit monks built the first brewery in the city. Very quickly the fame of Lviv beer has spread far beyond the city, and it began to be exported to many European countries. Take a closer look to the last city brewery offers you a museum of brewing. This institution will take you to ancient technology, on which the monks brewed beer, will speak about a variety of interesting stories about the Lviv Brewery, and offer to try the freshly brewed beer in Lviv.

Stryj park

Perhaps the most famous holiday destination of Lviv is the park. Attractive with its comfort and beauty, it annually receives more and more visitors to the city. The park is a unique narrow-gauge children’s railway, which runs the green area under the leadership of young railwaymen. Also in the park is the first in Ukraine, a skate park, a picturesque pond with swans and many holiday destinations.

Shevchenko Hai

Another unique attraction of Lviv is one of seven Ukrainian museum in the open air. There is always happy to welcome visitors from all over Ukraine and from abroad, as the museum presents the authentic architecture, way of life, customs, people all over Ukraine, and all this – in kind! A large area is often the venue of various ethnic festivals, concerts and exhibitions. So do not miss the opportunity to admire the beauty of Ukrainian traditions.

Theatre Les Kurbas

For connoisseurs of the actor’s art will be a real discovery theater named Kurbas. Despite his young age, the theater has become one of the most interesting and original, not only in Ukraine but also abroad. We are sure that you have not watched the stage performances that are put on the ground! In addition, the theater itself is interesting and the house – in the early 1900s there was a movie theater.

Dungeons of Lviv

Undoubtedly, the unique and interesting are the old Lviv dungeons. Few people know, but in Lviv bridge there are many tunnels and underground facilities, which the townspeople built a few centuries ago. There were hiding people from the attacks of the enemies, the monks retire for prayer, and even the alchemists in these places built their lab. Interestingly, the majority of these caves have preserved their appearance and are willing to share their secrets with everyone.

Night Cemeteries

This is not just a tour, and the whole artistic adventure. Today it is a large museum with unique attractions. At night, when the tombs are lit lamps, guide stories about their owners are fascinating.

To visit all or just some of the city’s main attractions – a day just is not enough. According to this, guests and tourists to enjoy its unique atmosphere, come for a few days and remove a hotel room or apartment rent by the day, which, by the way, is gaining popularity, and not inferior to hotels in the price and convenience. According to this, if you also felt an urge to visit Lviv, plan your trip with a stay in advance.

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