How not to get on with moshennykov rent flats for rent

What are the tricks scammers use

посуточная аренда мошенникиUnsuspecting tourists, ordering daily rent in Lviv over the Internet, can easily become victims of scams. But if you prepare, then it will be much easier to distinguish the scams from honest companies and enjoy comfortable accommodation at favorable terms.
Now scammers are practicing a lot of tricks, manipulation of prices, dishonest descriptions, posting false ads. Victims have to pay or not to attend those apartments that are ordered.

Lowering prices

As in all other areas of services, the price must correspond to the quality. There is a certain price level for daily housing in Lviv. Tariffs should take account of the quality of repair, availability of facilities, distance from the town center and other conditions. It is also more expensive apartments on weekends and holidays. If realtors offer very low-cost housing, while there is no apparent reason for such a low price, be wary. It is possible that this con artists who try to attract the attention of tourists. Especially active speculators before the holidays, when the majority of Realtors significantly increase prices. All the tourists who want to save, but sometimes it turns into additional cost savings.

Suspicious information about apartment

аферисти подобовоWhen booking an apartment, tourists wish to know more information, living conditions, the availability of facilities. Honest realtors really spread all these data, post photos of all the rooms, telling customers how to get to the property, what are its benefits, what sort of conditions. Fraudsters usually placed standard descriptions copied from other ads without the details. If in doubt, it is better to call and ask the authors of the ad, to know the details. Speculators are usually confused, do not know the exact details, or are too general information.

Vanishing ads

Fraudsters often create short ads to take advance payment and disappear. Track these ads is easy. It is necessary to trust those sites that indicate the day and time of publication. Then it will be simple to find ads written yesterday or just a few days earlier. At the same time scammers give as little information, only names and phone numbers. To check the number, you can search for it using Google or Yandex, though it is not suitable for single rooms. Honest Realtors ads are placed on many resources, the support of many months or years, show as much as possible the contact details for communicating with clients from different cities.


аренда мошенникиSome customers feel that it is better to take shelter from the owners. Sometimes it is really economical, but seekers of such savings often have to deal with scammers. Audited companies pay more attention to the quality of housing, its purity, work better with customers, earning a reputation for many years. They also offer a lot more guarantees for visiting tourists and help in all matters.

No prepayments

There are quite different opinions about how best to rent daily – no pre-payment or prepaid. It would seem better to take without payment, because then there is less risk to the scam, but it is not always the case. Reservation without prepayment devoid of guarantee for customers. But it is desirable to pay in advance only to those landlords who have already proven themselves in the housing market as an honest and proven.

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