How to make a rental agreement

To when renting an apartment not experience difficulties, it is important to know what the nuances encountered in the design of such a procedure. To protect yourself from fraud and manipulation, it is important to draw up a lease of premises. This applies to both long-term lease, and apartments for rent.

The lease agreement: the rules, the content

One of the noteworthy aspects of the preparation of the lease of premises – to consider all possible disputes. In this sense, there will be significant operating rules premises and actions of both parties at the end of the contract.
a sample of such a contract can be downloaded from the relevant Internet resources, but a standard format for all – does not exist.
With regard to the legal nuances may conclude a lease or tenancy agreement. The first option may be the relationship with the tenant-legal entity, and the contract of employment concerns the relationship of the individual citizen and the owner.
Differences between these two species are primarily in the fact that the contract of employment does not require state registration, and a lease of premises in need of such a procedure, if the period of validity of 1 year.
When a contract is important to consider that, subject to the consent of the landlord tenant can transfer the property or part of it in the sublease, that is for rent to other persons. And the transfer of real estate by one legal person to another requires the signing of the sublease agreement.
The contract must include some special conditions, such as the possibility of early termination. In addition, making the contract, the apartment it is important to describe in detail, because in such a case, if the property damage may be claimed from the employer compensation.
This contract contains the following information:
– In fact, the subject of the contract – the address and size of the room;
– Responsibilities, who take part, and be sure of their rights;
– Rules for the calculation of the product;
– The date of the contract;
– Termination of contract rules;
– All the data about the participating parties and information on the technical condition of the premises, reinforced by appropriate applications.

The nuances of the lease

The contract of lease of premises has some pitfalls that are important to consider. First of all, the contract should include a link to a document that will indicate the lessor’s right to the property. If the owner is another person, it must provide a certified power of attorney.
The landlord is required to provide a guarantee that, for a specified period not sell the property and will not be laid.
The employer also must provide information about all the people who will be staying in a rented apartment.

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