Cheap 2-bedroom apartments in Lviv

Choose from the Top 5 cheap 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Lviv

There are many reasons to spend a few days in Lviv, such as tourism, a romantic getaway or a business relationship. For a family or a small company will settle comfortably in a cozy two-room housing Lviv. Often, these facilities allow live 4 or more guests, so everyone will be comfortable. You can see all cheap 2 bedroom apartments for rent that we offer to select the most appropriate for your family or company. If you have questions, ask and get answers to them. Also note that here described, not all apartments offered by us.

2 bedroom apartment on the street. Gogol, 14, for four guests

Located right in the historic center. Prior to the main tourist destinations easily accessible in just a few minutes. Designed for companies and families of 4 persons. Before the apartment is easily accessible by public transport or taxi, there are a desired shops. It will be useful to bed with orthopedic mattress, and the apartment has basic appliances. It should be noted stylish bathroom renovation and the main rooms, as well as the presence of hot water and so on.

2 bedroom apartment on the square. Market 13, the city center

Option for those who wish to be closest to the center point of the city. That there is a town hall osmotrovye platform, as well as many interesting museums, bars and restaurants. you’ll also see a lot of interest in the surrounding streets, easy to find the main attractions or drive to them by public transport. Not far from the apartments is an art gallery, paintings inside the rooms there. The room is designed for 4 guests, with comfortable beds and recently made a modern renovation. There is internet and plasma-screen TV, as well as the rest of the equipment. From this place is easy to walk or drive to the other tourist points of the city.

2 bedroom apartment on the street. Kosciuszko, 5 studio with kitchen

Accommodation is located close to the park, Liberty Avenue and the rest of the city’s attractions. To reach the historic sites just a few minutes on foot or by truck. Near the house there are restaurants and shops, as well as museums and so on. If you want to get a 2 bedroom apartment inexpensively with studio kitchen, close to the city center, with modern appliances, central heating, it is also a suitable option for up to four guests.

Modern 2 bedroom apartment on the street. Bulk 1-2 near High Castle

The highest point of the town is the High Castle. From there you can see a wide panorama of the old town and the rest of creation. This apartment is easily accessible to the High Castle, and to the central attractions. If you need to rent two apartments, it is necessary to mention a comfortable bed and a sofa, repair and stylish design, the independent heating, the presence of hot water, and household appliances, as well as other bonuses comfortable for guests.

2 bedroom apartment on the street. Doroshenko, 35 for a large number of guests

Great accommodation for large families and groups. The historic center, near a park and restaurants, shops and showrooms, as well as many attractions. Convenient ARRIVAL transport, just a few minutes you can reach the central places. For guests there is constant hot water, basic appliances, kitchen. This is a good option if you want a prime location close to the city center and plenty of beds, convenient facilities, household appliances and hot water.
Here we describe only some inexpensive 2 apartments for rent in Lviv, which we offer. Discover a complete catalog to see all the options. To choose the best option, note the location of the house, the number of general beds, the availability of the necessary equipment to you, the proximity of shops and restaurants and design features. Most of the rooms of our catalog are in the city center, so guests will easily reach the historic sites.

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