Top 5 cultural events in August 2016 in Lviv

Everyone knows that the city of Lviv pleased not only for its history and architecture, but also modern concerts, fairs and celebrations. Interesting and fun events are held almost every day, not just on weekends. If you are looking for ways to spend August in Lviv, here you will find some of the options.

Championship of Ukraine, Karpaty – Shakhtar Donetsk, August 12

If you’re for or Miner for a local club, or just a fan of football and football atmosphere, come to the Arena Lviv and watch the match. This famous stadium holds many interesting matches and concerts, you can also become a part of history by visiting this match. After the game, you can relax by visiting the city’s clubs and restaurants, and then spend the night, if you shoot a comfortable apartment.

Watermelon Festival – August 27-28

August is known as the month of ripe melons and watermelons. It was then that all run to buy them, happily Namin sweet fruit, until the summer street. In Lviv, you can not just buy a watermelon, but also visit the festival dedicated to them. For those who visit the park named after Bogdan Khmelnitsky 27 and 28 August, waiting for impressions from the masters of the culinary business, entertainment and competitions, activities for children and adults.

Beer Festival – August 20-21

This drink like different people, it is glad and Ukrainians. But in Lviv offer tourists not only to drink fresh beer, but also to visit the whole event on the topic. Visitors are offered to try different beers from different manufacturers to not only relax, but also to find for themselves the unexpected flavors and combinations thereof. Also at the event, visitors will be entertained by various groups such as Jiji, Brothers Hadyukiny, TNMK and Boombox. This is just a list of headliners, but the program also contains a lot of bright performers. For visitors also offer various contests and themed games. To become a participant in the event, only need to find a park named after Bogdan Khmelnitsky.

Folklore Festival Ethnowhirl – August 24-28

The event, which will bring together the cultures of different peoples. His song and dance show, not only the representatives of Ukraine, but also guests from Serbia, Turkey, Italy, Romania and Poland. Also at this event, you can eat delicious and original, lead people from different countries will present their national dishes. The event will also be interesting to those who follow fashion, because the show will bring together famous designers Etnofeshn. All this will take place right in the middle of the city, in the Market Square and the Museum Square. Therefore, those who settled in the territory of the center, will not have to go far or leave.

Independence Day – August 21-28

All events dedicated to this holiday, lasts about a week, and sometimes longer. For residents and tourists are dozens of different activities that will involve the children and adults. Here are just some of the events:

  • Paradjanov Festival, film cult Ukrainian director
  • Sporting events and film screenings, Walnut Park Guy
  • Concerts beginning musicians, games and quizzes for young people
  • Theater Festival, Culture Park
  • Star Relay in the city

Time and place of various events may differ. In time to visit interesting events, learn the details in advance
Note that here only a few examples collected events. In the streets and squares of the city is a lot more concerts, performances and street performances, competitions and demonstrations.
To see a lot of architecture, visit Lviv unusual restaurants, and entertainment events to become a party, it is better to settle for at least several days, and even better to settle on the territory of the historic center of Lviv. Then the tour is convenient to store their personal belongings, rest and sleep, even to attend later events. There are also convenient public transport links to the city of Railway Station.

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