Terms and cost of daily rent apartments in Lviv

Comfort apartment for rent for every taste

Apartments for rent in Lviv differs as a wide range of proposals, as well as a range of hotel rooms of different classes. Everyone is free to choose the appropriate option based on their tastes and financial possibilities of the modest one-bedroom apartments to luxury apartments in the city center. Conventionally, all rental apartments are divided into three classes: the “economy”, “standard” and apartments with increased comfort.

Apartments Class “economy”

It is available at a cost of a proposal for a temporary lease with the optimal balance of price (350-450 USD.) And the proposed level of comfort. The apartment is economy class, as a rule 1 bedroom, can be located in a little distant from the center of the area. The apartment is guaranteed performed cosmetic repairs, we have the necessary set of kitchen equipment and utensils to prepare a meal at home. Plumbing is in good condition. necessarily have to be the necessary furniture for relaxing and a table in the apartment.

The advantage of these apartments is their low cost, private setting, without quite intrusive service that you expect in hotels, independent living.

Apartments “Standard”

But if you want to live in a more comfortable environment, it makes sense to rent an apartment-class “standard”. Firstly, these apartments are more spacious. Secondly, they have all the necessary appliances, including a washing machine and microwave. Furnishing these apartments include kitchen sets and a full set for the living room. Apartments feature a standard-class high-speed internet with cable TV.

Apartments Class “luxury”

Apartments Class “luxury” offer tenants the highest degree of comfort with expensive furniture and interior design. you can rent a spacious 2-bedroom or 3-komnutnuyu apartment with panoramic views of Lviv city center and the main attractions if desired. The cost of renting luxury apartments, of course, is very high and not all available – in the range of 650-900 USD. But in general, the market daily rent in Lviv can offer sufficient choice of apartments any visitor.

Additional services

By agreement of the cleaning of apartments, washing of clothes can be included with a client in the list of rental services, regular change of bed linen, purchase and delivery of products and even cooking. Individual contract with each tenant will allow guests of Lviv not only find the best housing, but also to order the appropriate range of services, securing the most comfortable conditions during your stay in this wonderful city.


  • Тарас Posted August 7, 2016 10:43 am

    Летом однокомнатные квартиры для двоих от 350 грн в сутки.

  • Olena Posted September 27, 2016 11:40 am

    Невероятная атмосфера в квартире на Леси Украинки. Все отражение царственного Львова в одной маленькой квартирке. Старинная мебель, но добротная и прочная. Дизайн стильный, ничего лишнего. Вся техника в рабочем состоянии. Квартира чистая, нет запаха сигаретного дыма. Отличное расположение, в самом центре пешеходной зоны города. Здесь все располагает к отдыху. Цена адекватная , в отеле было бы дороже.

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